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Jaipur - The Heritage Pink City

Jaipur - The Heritage Pink City has been the capital of erstwhile Jaipur state since its inception in 1727 AD, it gets the name from its founder Maharaja Jai Singh II. He was not only a great ruler but also a renowned mathematician and astrologer, his various talents are clearly exhibited in the Jaipur city. Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya designed Jaipur as per the Hindu treatise, Shilp Shastra. The Jaipur city was laid with great precision, it could also be called as the first planned city of the country. The roads were divided into rectangular blocks and surrounded by a peripheral wall with huge gates guarding it. The market places were named after the commodity, which as supposed to be predominantly sold or manufactured there.

Jaipur - The Capital City of the state Rajasthan, very nearly exemplifies the character of the state and its people. Surrounded by rugged hills on three sides, each crowned by formidable fort and beautiful palaces, mansions and gardens dotted throughout its precincts.

In 1876 A.D. Jaipur dressed itself in pink to welcome Prince Albert, consort of Queen Victoria and earned the epitaph 'PINK CITY', it is also a home of excellent handicrafts especially known for the exquisite gold jewellery enamelled or inlaid with precious stones, blue pottery, carving on wood, stone & ivory, block print, tie & dye textiles, hand made paper, miniature painting etc.

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